Linda Turner has a hard time coming to Project SHARE. “I feel really guilty” she explained. “The thought of taking food from someone else, especially children, breaks me. There are a lot of people worse off than I am”.

Linda first came to Project SHARE 20 years ago for food so her children wouldn’t go without. Now that she is on her own however she relies on herself to make ends meet, working part time in the hospitality industry and with support from the Ontario Disability Support Program. But that’s often not enough. “I pay my bills before I eat. If I go a couple of days without food it’s not going to kill me.”

She returned to Project SHARE last year as a volunteer, to get out of the house and give back. While volunteering recently sorting food in the warehouse, a staff member overheard her say she hadn’t eaten in a few days. “This is what we are here for” explained Adam, the Project SHARE Warehouse Administrator. After some difficult convincing, Linda agreed to accept some food through the emergency food program. “Asking for help is the hardest thing. But nobody here makes you feel guilty or embarrassed. Nobody asks how you messed up your life. They understand bad things can happen to good people.”

While it’s in Linda’s nature to care for others, giving her time to help multiple organizations, we hope she will care for herself as well, and come to Project SHARE for emergency food when she needs it.