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Every year Project SHARE undertakes the vital task of raising food and dollars in order to serve the less fortunate residents of Niagara Falls. The slogan “Our Community at Work” exemplifies the need for the city as a whole to help by contributing to this important cause. Project SHARE welcomes the public’s help in many ways as we work together to strive for a healthy community.

We have created this Community Fundraising Event Tool Kit to help you get started with holding an event that can be a fundraiser to support Project SHARE’s initiatives. Whether you are planning a backyard barbecue with a few friends, a bake sale, car wash or an elaborate golf tournament or scavenger hunt, there are so many ideas and we have created this kit to make it as easy as possible.

Help Project SHARE’s fundraising efforts by hosting your own event. Popular community events include barbecues, car washes, food drives and requesting donations in lieu of gifts for your birthday or anniversary.

Email or call (905) 357-5121, Ext. 233 to find out how you can help raise money to ensure all of our neighbours are healthy, housed and fed.

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When publicizing your promotion, that aspect which is for the purpose of raising dollars for Project SHARE, needs to be clearly stated. It is required that our name be used in script only and that we approve the use of our name on any print materials prior to the materials being printed. Project SHARE can provide their third party logo for approved marketing materials.

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