Brenda & her husband Eddie have been clients of Project SHARE for the past year after relocating to Niagara. “Project SHARE has been a tremendous blessing” explained a grateful Brenda. Eddie is on the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) for health conditions including chronic pain and diabetes.

“Since coming to Project SHARE we are eating much healthier. Eddie’s sugars used to spike to 25 in the morning and are now down to 14, and my blood sugar levels are closer to normal. We have both lost weight and are eating more fruits and vegetables”. Brenda & Eddie have participated in many cooking classes and eagerly try new recipes available in Project SHARE’s food room. “I now make colourful salads with natural dressings, and smoothies. I get most of my fruits and veggies here. It’s so expensive to eat healthy. Project SHARE has done amazing things for my family.”

Brenda & Eddie are happy to try new, nutritious foods through the Savoury Samples program, where healthy food recipes are sampled in the waiting room and clients are given the recipe and ingredients to take home with them. They are looking forward to a brighter, healthier future. Brenda is gaining more work as a counsellor, and they are hoping to have a baby. “It’s okay to ask for help. Everyone goes through hardships in their lives” encourages Brenda to anyone who might be hesitant to ask for help fro Project SHARE. “Project SHARE is like a family.”