About Project SHARE

Project SHARE of Niagara Falls provides essential support services that improve the lives of Niagara Falls individuals and families in need. As a non-profit charitable organization, Project SHARE has been providing emergency food and support services to residents of Niagara Falls for more than 30 years. The acronym SHARE represents support, housing, awareness, resources and emergency.

We currently offer 15 programs and services to help end the struggle against poverty and empower those in need.

Food security, homelessness prevention, healthy living, training and education and seasonal support, like Christmas and back to school, are the ways in which we categorize the programs and services offered at Project SHARE. These five categories are part of the social determinants of health. Social determinants of health are recognized by all levels of government in Canada as well as internationally by the World Health Organization as the social and economic factors that influence people’s health in positive and negative ways with extreme differences in income and wealth, for example, having negative consequences for those who are living in poverty.

Our emergency food program is our most accessed service, providing food to individuals in Niagara Falls who are who are struggling to meet their basic needs.

Mission, Vision, Values


Project SHARE provides essential support services that improve the lives of Niagara Falls individuals and families in need.


An end to the struggle against poverty and empowered people in need in Niagara Falls.


We believe in:

  • Interacting with all members of our community with dignity, respect, compassion and understanding.
  • Working as a team, within Project SHARE and with our community, to provide whatever help is needed.
  • Providing services based on inclusivity, equity, cooperation and collaboration.
  • Growing an effective organization through open communication and fiscal and social responsibility.
    Investing in opportunities for our staff to develop in their roles.


Project SHARE started back in 1989 and was formerly known as C.O.E.S. (Coordinated Outreach Emergency Services). The offices were located within a small building on Victoria Avenue. In 1992, the agency became incorporated and changed its name to Project SHARE, with the acronym meaning support, housing, awareness, resources and emergency. The name change was accompanied with a move of their offices to 1st Avenue. By, 2002, the organization found a need for a bigger building due to the increase in demand of its services. Project SHARE then relocated to Stanley Avenue, where they are currently located.


If you require any accommodations for a disability in order to attend and participate in meetings or events, please let us know in advance so that arrangements can be made in a timely manner. Special accessibility accommodations and materials in alternate formats can be arranged by contacting Pam Sharp at (905) 357-5121, Ext. 222 or pam.s@projectshare.ca.

Board of Directors

Chairperson of the Board Irma Sebastiano
Vice Chairperson of the Board Anna Luciano
Past Chairperson Brian Pellow
Treasurer Mick Wolfe
Secretary Trent Dark
City Council Representative Ruth Ann Nieuwesteeg
Board Member AJ Heafey
Board Member Jim Ferraro
Board Member

Jennifer Guarasci

Board Member

Aly Kassam
Executive Director Pam Sharp
Honourary Member Karen Stearne
Honourary Member Selina Volpatti