Daniel Collee and his son Patrick Collee-Simbuluck have been clients of Project SHARE for the past three years. “We don’t come all the time, just when we need to” explained Daniel. Both he and his son are on the Ontario Disability Support Program for health conditions which prevent them from working full time. Patrick had a brain tumour as a child, Daniel lives with a nerve condition and recently suffered from multiple strokes. “I had to retire due to my nerve disorder. I couldn’t run the equipment anymore or bend over. But the strokes really put me behind”.

Daniel and Patrick use Project SHARE’s emergency food program to receive perishable and non- perishable groceries. “There is a good variety” Daniel expressed. “I like the fruits and vegetables to make smoothies”. Daniel has done research on how to use entire fruits to eliminate any waste. “I boil my bananas for about 5 minutes. The banana and the peel then go in my smoothie and I use the water to make banana tea with a bit of honey”.

Before becoming clients of Project SHARE Daniel used to be a donor. “Project SHARE really helps the community” Daniel expressed with gratitude. “It’s a friendly place and some people would be lost without it.”