Utility Assistance Programs

In a perfect world, everyone is fed, housed & healthy.

Utility Assistance Programs

Project SHARE is pleased to facilitate emergency funding to prevent utility disconnection for gas or hydro, hydro deposit waiver letters and referrals to partner agencies who may be able to assist further.

*By appointment only


Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP)

The OESP helps low income individuals by providing a monthly credit towards their hydro bills. You must meet the Low Income Cut Off, be a resident of Niagara Falls and the hydro bill must be in your name. Clients will need to bring in ID for everyone in the household, proof of all income and their hydro bill to apply. Click here to learn more and then contact us and we will help you with your application. 

To make an appointment, please call: (905) 357-5121, Ext. 255

Project SHARE Utility Grant Program

The Utility Grant Program is designed to help people who are experiencing an emergency in paying their utility bills. The program may be able to help with hydro, gas, and some other types of heating bills. Other means of help include hydro deposits along with referrals to partner agencies who may be able to assist further.


  • A pre-screening telephone interview with one of our staff will determine eligibility for assistance
  • The account must be a current account in your name (and you must be living at the address)
  • You will need to show how you will maintain your utility bills if you were to receive a grant
  • You will need to show that you have attempted to pay your utility bills
  • The total household income must be under the Low Income Cut-off before taxes. This amount varies depending on the number of people who live in your home.


Required Documentation

These items must be provided at the time of your appointment for our staff to apply for the funds to assist you in order to prevent disconnection for those qualified for assistance.


Proof of all income in the household

Inclucing Child Tax Benefit

current utility bill

Inclucing disconnect notice for the utility


Banking Statement

A current copy of a 30 day banking statement for all household bank accounts

official identification

For everyone in the household. 2 pieces for applicatn, 1 piece for everyone else (i.e. birth certificate, driver’s license, passport, health card)

rent receipt

lease agreement or mortgage statement



Income Tax/Notice of Assessment may be requested for all family members

To make an appointment please call: 905-357-5121 Ext.255

Your call will be returned within one business day.

Five To Thrive

In a perfect world, everyone is fed, housed & healthy.

We don’t live in a perfect world but Project SHARE provides support and assistance in 5 key areas including food security, homelessness prevention, training and education, healthy living and seasonal support at Christmas and back to school.

Food Security

Project SHARE provides emergency food assistance to ensure no one goes hungry.

Homelessness prevention

Project SHARE offers many programs to help prevent homelessness.

Healthy Living

Project SHARE removes economic barriers to important healthcare services such as optical and recreation programming for children.

Training & education

Supporting the development of skills that help to empower those living below the poverty line by providing education and volunteer opportunities.

Seasonal Support

All children deserve to enjoy special meals, gifts and traditions as well as starting the school year with supplies needed for success.