Project SHARE has cultivated a unique partnership with the Niagara Falls Farmers Market.
For four dates throughout the summer, Project SHARE will join vendors at the Sylvia Place market for a fruit-themed morning.
“Project SHARE prepares a simple, delicious dish using the featured seasonal produce in exchange for a donation,” explained Diane Corkum, operations director at Project SHARE.
“It’s a great idea because we use the funds to purchase products from the local farmers.”
On June 20, Project SHARE staff and volunteers will be serving up strawberry shortcake using strawberries donated by DeVries Fruit Farm.
The themed days are designed to promote the market as well as promote healthy eating.
“All the reports say we have a higher than average obesity rate and rates of diabetes in the Niagara region so we’re trying to do our share to keep health care costs down,” Corkum said.
Studies indicate people who live at or below the poverty line often experience health problems due to a poor diet
And, since all money raised will go towards purchasing produce from vendors at the market, “It’s a win-win situation for everyone,” Corkum added.
Last year’s themed-produce days raised around $2,000.
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– By Alison Langley, Niagara Falls Review