On-site Partnerships

Credit Counselling of Regional Niagara
Representatives from Credit Counselling provide free assessment of income and expenses, money management advice, budgeting and a debt management program. Services are available at Project SHARE on Mondays and Thursdays by appointment only.
For further information and to arrange an appointment, call Credit Counselling of Regional Niagara at 905-684-9401.

Niagara Homelessness Prevention
For more information about Homelessness Prevention Programs, call 905-984-6900, ext. 3812

Niagara Nutrition Partners
This agency provides a breakfast program that supports participating schools across the Region.
For further information, call Niagara Nutrition Partners at 905-984-8953

Other Community Partnerships:
We provide assistance, telephone resource, and advocacy for Niagara residents enrolled with the following groups/agencies:

We supply office space, telephone, Internet connection, and resources for representatives of the following agencies as required:

We work in conjunction with the following services to ensure our programs are current and exceed required standards:

We recommend the resources of the following groups/agencies which provide critical services within our community as required:

We have generous support from several community churches who allow us to use their property and facilities for various programs, activities, meetings

We partner with St. Andrews United Church Shoulder to Shoulder program and Goodwill Industries. Families seeking assistance with clothing or household items are given a voucher or a referral letter from Project SHARE. If the items are in stock families are given what they need free of charge. Families can access this program once every six months. Items of clothing and household goods are limited to essential items only.

Donations of clothing and household items received at Project SHARE are brought directly to St. Andrews United Church or Goodwill.

In conjunction with the following school boards, universities, and college, we provide co-op work opportunities to assist students by teaching them work skills and building their confidence in a work setting:

We provide referrals and information sharing with:

Translation and information about our services are made available to newcomers to our community through the:

  • Multicultural Network of Niagara