How to Sponsor a Family

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  • The sponsor in the Christmas Program is: specifically helping one or more families in Niagara Falls during the holidays.
  • A sponsor is able to help a specific family with food assistance and gifts (for the children) for the holidays.
  • To give you an idea on how much to provide for a family, we suggest that a family of 2 receives approximately food and gifts for their Christmas assistance worth $150, family of 3 received $200-250, and a family of 4 receives $250-300 worth.
  • If you or your group set aside or raise $500-$1,000 for sponsoring in the Christmas Program, you could sponsor 2 or more families, instead of using that amount on 1 family.
  • We are trying to guard against the same size families receiving a basket of much different values; example: 1 worth $1,000 and another value being $200. If you know you will have less or more funds for sponsoring, please adjust the number of families or size of the family(s) you are sponsoring accordingly.
  • Roughly a 50-50 split is the suggested breakdown betweeen cost for food and gifts.
  • If you deliver the assistance to the family, contact them to discuss the best day and time for both of you; we suggest in-between Wednesday December 2nd - Wednesday December 16th, at the latest 1 week prior to Christmas Day.
  • If you choose to drop the assitance off to Project SHARE to deliver, it has to be dropped off to our office between Wednesday December 6th or Thursday the 7th between 8:30am and 4:30pm. We are delivering the assistance to families Saturday, December 9th.