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Soil & Composting: 

Students will learn the importance of healthy soils in a healthy food system, understand that all food originates from the soil, and build an appreciation for good quality soil while harbouring a deep connection with soil as a biodiverse habitat.

Workshops are catered to the class grade level as specified below:

Rotten Melon Party ELKP-2

Can You Dig It? Grades 3-5

Compost Cake Grades 6-7

Soil Erosion Grade 8


Gardening & Growing:

What's the buzz? In this workshop your students will become bee experts, learning all about the essential process of pollination and our very own local food heroes...bees! Oh yeah, did we mention tasting some delicious honey? This workshop is best suited to grades ELKP-3.

Roots, Fruits, Seeds and Leaves Students will actively learn to identify the different plant parts as well as their functions. The best part of this workshop is our FEAR FACTOR plant tasting! This workshop is best suited to grades ELKP-4.

Making Nature and Food Connections We will lead students through some sensory exploration activities and games in order to build a deeper respect and gratitude for the role that nature plays in our food system. This workshop can be catered to all grade levels.

Grow To Your Room Students will learn how to care for living things as they grow by each building and planting seeds in their own sub-irrigated planter out of a used pop bottle which they can take home. This workshop is best suited to grades 7 - 8.


Cooking & Tasting:

Signature Salads In this workshop students have the opportunity to get creative, producing their own unique, delicious salads according to some challenging criteria. Warning: salads will be judged! This workshop is best suited for grades 4-8.

"This workshop was fantastic and enhanced my health unit on healthy eating. Jo covered locally grown produce as well as a variety of other veggies that were unfamiliar to the kids. It was wonderful and the kids loved it!" Grade 6 Teacher on Signature Salads Workshop

Let's Get Spicey! As the name suggests, this workshop is focused on the most under-utilized plants around, herbs & spices. We look at the many culinary uses of herbs & spices (including tasting of course), their rich cultural history and various medicinal uses around the globe. Tea & some herbalicious treats anyone? This workshop is best suited for grade 1 +

Full of Beans This lesson focuses on the health benefits of beans and why they are considered "the vegetable with more". Students will learn more about the abundant variety of beans and help create and sample an easy, delicious bean recipe. A bean dissection will require them to observe, predict and make conclusions. This workshop is best suited for grades 2+.

Nourishing with Nursery Rhymes We draw on popular nursery rhymes and tall tales to teach young students about the magic of nature, growing and nurturing plants and enjoying healthy, nutritious foods. Students will benefit from a range of themed games, recipes and activities; all hands on of course! This workshop is best suited for ELKP-grade 1.

Stone Soup This workshop emphasizes the importance of community when eating, growing, cooking and sharing food. We'll play some community games, listen to a story, decorate recipe cards (and do the math!) and enjoy some delicious, heart healthy soup! As a bonus, students will also have a small jar of soup to take home. This workshop is suited to all grade levels.

Food Outside the Box

Waste in our Food System Students will understand what happens to the food we don't eat and where it goes "after us", how food waste should be properly disposed of, and the many ways in which we can reduce our impact on the environment by minimizing our food related waste. This workshop is best suited for grades 3-8.

Food, Media & Marketing Are you sure you want to drink that? This workshop will open your students' eyes to the tricks of the trade when it comes to selling you the customer..."food". We will equip participants with the knowledge they need to weave their way through the web of gimmicks, slogans, branding, targeting and highly sophisticated techniques used to get us hooked. Disclaimer: some students may be shocked by the content of this workshop! Students will have an opportunity to make their own smoothies. This workshop is best suited for grades 5-8.

"The visuals that Jo shared about food images and the things companies do to make their product look good opened my students' eyes and will help them make more informed food choices." Grade 5 Teacher on Food, Media & Marketing Workshop

Energy Detectives Students will become super sleuths as they experience first-hand the ways in which energy conservation can be put into practice both when shopping as well as preparing food. Students will discover the energy inputs throughout the food system and find ways to reduce their impact through changing habits and choices. This workshop is best suited for grade 6.

Food Prints This workshop compares and contrasts the social, nutritional, environmental and economic benefits of local vs. global food systems. Going beyond ecological footprints, Food Prints explores the effects of our food choices as well as waste in our food system. This workshop is best suited to grade 7. 

*Teacher agreement: We ask that all teachers complete an evaluation form providing us with feedback that will help improve our programs. In addition we welcome students' quotes, poems, stories, photos, illustrations or letters showcasing what they learned/enjoyed about the workshop. Student stories showing appreciation for our programming assist us with future funding applications and evaluation.

For more information on workshop topics, or to book a workshop please contact Jo Low, Garden & Nutrition Educator 905-357-5121 ext 32,